OSHIP Moves to Launchpad

In order to consolidate project planning, bug reporting, team
organization and translations as well as the freedom to add other models
in addition to openEHR; OSHIP development has been moved to Launchpad.

The mailing list is at

Launchpad uses the latest (Python developed) VCS known as Bazaar. You will need a client from “https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+download”:https://edge.launchpad.net/bzr/+download for
your machine.

If you do not already have an account on Launchpad you can easily set
one up at: “https://launchpad.net/”:https://launchpad.net/

The OSHIP project is at: “https://launchpad.net/oship”:https://launchpad.net/oship

You can get the latest OSHIP code with this simple command:

bzr branch lp:oship

If you plan to commit code (and you should) you’ll need an SSH client
and public key. Instructions are here:

To add your key, go to your profile and click on change details. You
will then see a button for SSH Keys. Then just copy/paste it into the

The openEHR.org ref_impl_python SVN still has the original openEHR code that I wrote when some people asked me to not add too many outside
dependencies. But adding Grok and other models and interfaces such as Google Health, Microsoft Health Vault, HL7, etc. is clearly outside the
scope of that request.

Launchpad is a little confusing at first. But I am finding it very flexible, it is completely Python friendly and the help on the Launchpad-users list is AWESOME!

Join the OSHIP Dev team; then pick a team or two and go to work.

We are especially looking for people that have HL7 (preferably using Mirth), CCR, Google Health and MS Health Vault interfacing.


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