VistA GUI Registration Status Improved!

For you VA VistA fans, here is the status of GUI-registration which has recently changed with tmg-cprs. In case you didn’t know, patient registration up until recently was text-based and somewhat annoying in an otherwise good system:


  • tmg-cprs: works now and so far works very well in clinical situations. Point-click client installer available now and should work out of the box as of Astronaut WorldVistA server Beta 6 installer. It is not browser-based so client deployment is not as simple as browser-based. The non-browser based client is both an advantage and disadvantage for deployment reasons. Local IT staff and management likes that it is not browser-based. It does not require multiple logins or application switching. Works well under pressured situations. Editing demographic mistakes is easy.



  • m2web: Has it, it is browser-based, but it is somewhat out of date and I could not get it to work due to dojo issues. Jim Self may be refreshing this starting in July. I will include it in a future Astronaut install when it is working. Advantages are that it is lightweight and relatively un-complicated.



  • VistA Outreach: Browser-based. Has registration but I was unable to get it to install. Others appear to have difficulty installing it as well. It is not in Astronaut because of this. Appears to be heavyweight on the server side, bulky install.



  • Text based: it works but in clinical settings the staff doesn’t like it much and under pressured situations mistakes like a misspelled name is a time-consuming pain to edit. Installs with Astronaut both server and client. Very lightweight and more or less guaranteed to work.


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