Open Source for America Request for Working Group Participation

Today we are happy to report that we are ready for the next phase in our mission to establish a more effective voice supporting the use of free and open source software in the U.S. Federal government. Since our launch more than 1,250 individuals and organizations have joined OSFA and that is what we would like to discuss with you today.We’ve set up working groups for specific policy areas where free and open source software can help. Maybe you’re an educator? Maybe you have ideas on how open source can help solve our healthcare crisis? Maybe you’re a transparency wonk? Please look over the list of working groups, register and sign up those in which you would like to participate. We have set up the website with a “members only” section, and expect to quickly leverage the site for open collaboration among the members of these working groups:

For the more technically inclined, you’ll notice near the bottom of the page there is a reference to platform tools. We’ve currently integrated Mailman as our mailing list software directly with OFBiz’s party classifications, but we would like to see this go much further. We are looking for volunteers to help us create a mash-up or mash-ups.

Another key goal for Open Source for America is to Raise awareness and create understanding among federal government leaders in the executive and legislative branches about the values and implications of open source software. The Marketing Team needs your help in raising awareness around open source. We need any case stories (the most popular page currently on the site) or white papers that you may have and can share with the Open Source for America team. We are also looking for volunteers to join the Marketing team, to help with tradeshows, collateral creation, and means to raise awareness for Open Source. Please sign up today on the site to get involved.

There’s never been a U.S. Administration so sympathetic to free and open source software. There have never been so many citizens with the same enthusiasm for the open source process. This is an unprecedented opportunity to profoundly change the way our government uses and understands software. We can fundamentally change how this country works.

Let’s get started.

Kind Regards,

Open Source for America

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