New medical FOSS listing/platform online should provide a comprehensive and structured overview of Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects for the health care domain. Moreover it should offer a platform to foster the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences about these projects.

In detail the following features and services are available:

  • Explore medical FOSS projects based on application type and supported enterprise function(s) (see right navigation pane “Project Explorer”). Refine search by adding or removing items of these criteria.
  • [Beta] Get recommendations about projects that are similar to the one you are currently viewing (see left navigation pane “Similar Projects”).
  • For each project the following informations are listed (if available): description, license, supported platforms, client types, supported standards, availability of official Linux distro package, homepage and other interesting links, professional service providers, recent news, publications, events and related projects.
  • [Work in Progress] Listing of upcoming medical FOSS events like exhibition, tradeshows, working group meetings, etc. that can be associated with certain projects and/or professional service providers (see left navigation pane “Content/Events (upcoming)”).
  • Standard (like DICOM, HL7, IHE etc.) specific listing of projects that are supporting it (see left navigation pane “Content/Standards”).
  • Comprehensive bibliography of publications about medical FOSS (see left navigation pane “Content/Bibliography”).
  • Listing of companies/institutions that are offering professional services for specific project(s) (see left navigation pane “Content/Professional Service Provider”).
  • Possibility to immediately submit new projects, professional service providers and events (moderated).
  • Possibility to immediately edit existing projects, professional service providers and events (moderated).
  • Project specific commenting and discussion (moderated).
  • Possibility to rate projects, professional service providers and events.
  • Currently more than 120 projects are listed and growing …

As this is a the moment just a spare time one-man-show, I greatly appreciated your support and collaboration by submitting new entries, improving existing ones or just by participating in the discussions.

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