OpenEMR Project Releases version 3.2

The OpenEMR Project releases their newest version of the popular FOSS software, 3.2. There are a number of improvements of existing features with a lot of bug fixes.

This is preparation for a new GUI making OpenEMR easier to use than ever with improved practitioner work flow. The current project has 30 professional developers who have busily working on Meaningful Use certification. This next release will be 4.0 and allow physicians to have a FOSS electronic health record that will qualify them for the new federal incentives. We are about 60% throught this process and expect this major release out this summer.
The following features have been improved or added in 3.2:

  • New customized form building tool (Layout Based Form Method)
  • Updated User Manual
  • Improved the style and function of the default calendar
  • Allow changing of calendar styles without logging out
  • Internationalization of the CAMOS form module
  • Reports in the CAMOS module can be printed in PDF or HTML
  • Added a configurable online help link
  • Improved patient billing statements
  • Improved X12 claims engine
  • Backup feature is cross-platform (now also compatible with Windows)
  • Apostrophe character now supported throughout OpenEMR
  • Optimization of patient searching
  • Updated ICD codes loading script
  • Supports Portuguese language (both Brazilian and European dialects)
  • UTF8 encoding bug fixes


What is planned for 4.0:

The new GUI

Improved work flow.

And the Meaningful Use Items:

1.Foundations: Security and Privacy

2.Computer Physician Order Entry

3.Drug Decision Support

4.Problem List

5.Electronic Prescribing

6.Medication List

7.Medication Allergy List


9.Vital Signs

10.Smoking Status

11.Lab Test Results

12.Patient Lists

13.CMS Quality Reporting

14.Patient Reminders

15.Clinical Decision Rules

16.Insurance Eligibility

17.Electronic Claims Submission

18.Patient Electronic Copy of Health Information

19.Patient Electronic Access to Health Information

20.Patient Clinical Summaries

21.Exchange Clinical Information

22.Medication Reconciliation

23.Summary Care Record for Transition of Care/Referral

24.Immunization Registries

25.Electronic Syndromic Surveillance

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