MSNBC: FDA Approves Ingestible Camera

MSNBC has an article with pictures of a truly cool device that is now FDA approved: An ingestible camera in a capsule.

‘…The camera can take pictures of the small intestine, a 20-foot-long section that had been a �blind spot� to current diagnostic tools, said Dan Schultz, deputy director of the FDA office that reviewed the camera.

�The main advantage is that it traverses the entire length of the small intestine. Current technology we have is pretty much limited to being able to visualize the upper part of the intestine,� Schultz said.

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GNUmed Web Site Updated, Screenshots Available

I haven’t visited the GNUmed site in awhile, so LinuxMedNews is a little behind in reporting this, but it looks like the web site was substantially updated in June. It also looks like the project is coming along with a page showing interface design goals and screenshots. Project discussion group subscription is available here.

GNUmed is Python and PostgreSQL based. From the web site:

The Gnumed group supports Open Source Software and its application to medical uses.

The major project of the group is to develop a medical software package that is

  • open source
  • secure
  • respecting patient privacy
  • based on open standards
  • flexible
  • fully featured
  • networked (client-server architecture)
  • easy to use
  • multi platform
  • multi lingual