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EMR Disaster Preparedness

Irv Buchbinder of the “FreeMed”: Project states: *”FreeMED Software Foundation realizes in the wake of a tragedy like Katrina, that much has been lost. One of the stunning and yet to be measured losses is medical records of patients. Even with backups, much of the records which may have been electronic were destroyed. For the many whose physicians kept paper records, the losses are most likely catastrophic.”* Read More for the rest of his comments.
In the wake of Katrina and the mess that has become of medical records, not to mention the bleating in the media about the lack of security in medical records, we, the FreeMED Software Foundation offer this to the medical public:

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FreeMED Software Support Services

FreeMED Software Foundation, Inc. announced the formation of two companies to help physicians, specialists, nursing homes and small hospitals implement, maintain and migrate to Linux and FreeMED Software.

Ozzie Scutliff is heading FreeMED NY, Inc. Frank Valier is heading FreeMED MA, Inc. These companies have been authorized by the Foundation to provide certified support services for FreeMED Software. The managers of these companies are participants in the FreeMED Marketing Training Program.

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FreeMED Matters to Google!

The current Google Dance is restoring the orginal FreeMED project to the
First Result!
Several years ago the FreeMED project lost control of its primary URL Since that time we have been regulated to scoring 5th or even 10th on Google. We recently bit the bullet and bought it back. So many people had linked to that URL that it is now back to number one.

Our ultimate goal is to have the top ten results all FreeMED related results. We are very close! The top slot is the repurchased, but also on the list are the sourceforge pages, the freshmeat pages, the Foundation Pages and The FreeMED sister project FreeMED-YiRC.

Fred Trotter, CISSP

FreeMed Billing 1st Alpha

Fred Trotter has announced on the Openhealth list a 1st Alpha for a Free/Open Source medical billing package: ‘This is the first alpha for the FreeMED billing project. It is a first look at the XML Billing language that I will be using. This is a simple language that consists of two statements today and someday will consist of three. Each command is an xml tag pair, with sub-tags that form arguments…’

Freemed submitted as AAFP candidate

Freemed and AAFP! Freemed has been making steps forward lately. The project is now being funded by a non-profit group created just for this purpose, Freemed Software Foundation
Note that I am hardly impartial.)

The Freemed Software Foundation is in the process of talking to AAFP about coordinating their open-source initiatives… according to this letter!

For those of you who dont know Freemed is an LGPL open source Practice Management application. Unlike other projects, freemed is focusing on solving practical problems for doctors in private practice. It is the only project that I know of that has a working billing system. It also has extensive support for different languages.

Fred Trotter, CISSP

Any Information on Freemed?

Does anybody know if the Freemed project is still active/going forward? Also,is anyone familiar with any individuals/physicians/groups that are successfully using Freemed? I downloaded the package and set it up. It seems pretty cool and extensive. Besides its supposed to be a competitor to Medical Manager. I would be interested in even helping with the project to whatever extent that I can.