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FreeMED National, Inc. opened in NYC

It is my pleasure to announce an imitative by the FreeMED Software Foundation, Inc. to continue to expand the supply of support and service for the FreeMED community software end-users. The new offices of FreeMED National, Inc. will be opened for business on April 17th. This office is strategically placed to provide nation wide 800 Help Desk service. Beginning June 1st this office will deploy the first national ASP service using FreeMED Foundation Software. New York City was chosen because of its vast population and number of doctors using FreeMED Software for their practices. The Foundation has been successful in obtaining donations and grants to promote the use of open source software in medicine. Additional 800 Help Desk service centers and ASP service are being opened in other major metropolitan areas as well. The Foundation wishes to express it thanks to the contributors and grants that have made this possible.