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German Start-up to Develop Medical Image Processing Software

DigitalMedics is a german start-up company that
aims to develop medical image processing software
that exclusively runs under the Linux operating
system. The first product called REALTIQ which stands for “Re-aligning Tissue Quantification” is scheduled to be
released in September 2000, more information
at the companies website. The software is currently in the alpha-stage.

“The user can specify,
intuitively by using the mouse, an axis through this data, as well as a bounding-box around that axis.”

Further, the company has a nice little ditty on why Linux? as opposed to a well-known other operating system.

According to the company their REALTIQ Software Features:

  1. Re-align any patient-scan to new arbitrary axes by tri-linear interpolation
  2. Segmentation of long-bone tissue
  3. Quantification of long-bone tissue
  4. DICOM compatible


  1. Linux operating system
  2. 64MB RAM or more
  3. About 4MB of disk-space