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FreePM Announces FishBowl

Updated: 1/12/2003 FreePM is now TORCH. In an attempt to make it easier for users to report problems and make suggestions to the Free Practice Management project (FreePM) we are copying Digital Creations’ lead with a FishBowl wiki. In this method of development, all communication, decisions, arguments, and progress are visible as if everyone were working “in a fishbowl”.

Based on the hugely successful Zope FishBowl design process (Zope’s introduction page to fishbowl development here) FreePM, Inc. has installed a
similar system on the demo site.

This is a place where you can easily report bugs and make
comments or suggestions. FreePM has been designed from the
beginning based on suggestions from the FreePM and Openhealth
mailing lists. We hope to extend this community involvement by
making it easier for people to report bugs and make suggestions
while trying out the demo.

You can also enter the FishBowl from a link on the demo main
menu. This link will open a new browser window for easy access
to the FishBowl topics while testing the demo.

Feedback about the usefulness of the FishBowl and any other
FreePM topics may be directed to the FreePM mailing list.