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Major Companies to Form Doctor Software Company

Business 2 has an analysis article which for some reason is no longer accessible as of 4/20/01 on the new IBM, Pfizer and Microsoft alliance to create wireless devices for physician practices and how Microsoft hopes to benefit: ‘…In late March, the companies announced plans to form an independent company that will develop software and services for physician practices. They envision wireless devices running powerful server-based applications that will provide health care professionals with access to medical histories, insurance information, lab results, and billing arrangements…”Microsoft wants to lock in the [PocketPC] platform for high-value applications,” says Bradford Holmes, an analyst at Forrester Research. “Medical applications are not simple and demand a richer server-based infrastructure behind them, which is Microsoft’s bread and butter. If they can support Office-based applications on the PocketPC platform, then it’s another piece of real estate that they can play a major role in, which is what they’re always looking to do.”