The Open Source Health Information Platform (OSHIP) has integrated the “gold standard” forward chaining inference engine CLIPS in order to support complex decision support requirements.

OSHIP is based on the Python reference implementation of the openEHR specifications; adding proven open source components to provide a web services based development base for any type of healthcare application.

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VistA HTML Note Rendering Now Available

A whole new era for Veterans Affairs VistA has begun with Kevin Toppenberg, MD’s new TMG-CPRS (TMG v1.1) client. The new tmg-cprs client enables clinical notes to be rendered in html. This allows mixed typefaces, bold, center, right justification, left justification and italics in clinical notes while maintaining compatibility with Veterans Affairs cprs.

Dr. Toppenberg announced on the Hardhats list.

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VistA Community Members Propose VistA Installation Specification

A broad range of VistA community members with diverse VistA backgrounds have proposed VistA Standard Base specification release candidate 8. The proposed document is intended to guide installation of Veterans Affairs VistA system on Linux using the Free/Open Source GTM mumps compiler. The text and public comment can be found here under the auspices of the Liberty Health Software Foundation a 501 c3 corporation.

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CONNECT open source software gateway

CONNECT is an open source software gateway that connects an organizations health IT systems into health information exchanges using Nationwide Health Information Network (NHIN) conventions, agreements and cores services to better serve patients throughtout the country. Built through collaboration of more than 20 federal agencies, the CONNECT gateway can help organizations reap the benefits of health information exchange with other healthcare institutions nationwide.