“Call and Pump” Web-based Training Program Now Available

The Open ISES Project (http://openises.sourceforge.net) is very proud to announce its latest offering. “Call and Pump” is a web-based training program for the general population (http://emstraining.eduforge.org/medical/public_trng.html) and is the first offering in the Open ISES Project’s public training section. As the focus of citizen CPR turns more towards compression only CPR, this training program can help meet that need. This training project comes from our friends with the Call and Pump project (http://www.callandpump.org) in Wisconsin.

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Share your experiences with FLOSS in health care

Are you a practice, clinic or any other health care institution that is using medical open source software in daily routine? And wasn’t it quite hard for you to find the right software, to get it up and running and to finally customize it to your needs without having any experienced users or reference sites at hand?

Even a high number of downloads or a strong ‘activity percentile’ of an open source software project doesn’t tell you anything about the suitability for your purposes and in general about the stability and efficiency that are required for successful clinical practice.

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7 of the Best Free Linux Medical Imaging Software

Medical imaging is an essential, non-invasive, routine activity performed by radiographers and radiologic technologists. It is a discipline of the health profession which involves using technology to capture images of the human body.
Imaging capturing devices for medical purposes use the DICOM image format. DICOM is an acronym for Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine. It is the standard open image format used to handle, store, print and transmit information in medical imaging. This article focuses on software that lets you view images generated from DICOM devices.

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Call for Abstracts – SOA in Healthcare

The conference Review Committee is seeking proposals for presentations based on “real-world” organizational experiences, evaluations, case studies or research papers relevant to the conference themes of SOA and Improving Health through Technology.
Please indicate whether you are recommending your submission for the Executive Summit, the Functional Track, or the Technical Track. Topic may include (but aren’t limited to):

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6 of the Best Free Linux Electronic Medical Records Software

In developed countries, healthcare workers represent a significant proportion of the working population. For example, in the United Kingdom, more than 1 million people work for the National Health Service, a publicly funded healthcare system. Medical software therefore has a huge market to tap. Whatever stage of a country’s economic development, health care is one of the most important elements in society.

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A DOCHS Success Story: Open Molar

A surprise hit at this year’s SCALE expo in Los Angeles was a presentation by a Dentist from Scotland who had come to DOCHS last year to learn more about open source software for healthcare. After becoming dissatisfied by his proprietary practice management software, he decided to create his own open source solution – and become his own, one-man open source project! The result was Open Molar: http://openmolar.wikidot.com/start
– And it all started at the DOCHS conference.

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Public comment letter below, please personalize and post

Open Source Community, below is a letter that you can personalize and post on the public comment website. It is very important that you do this, the policy and the press is on fire and our duty is to educate our policy makers.

2 things you must do to help:
Post your letter here: http://www.regulations.gov/search/Regs/home.html#submitComment?R=0900006480a7c4a8 And fax, email, or cal your representatives.

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