Federal Health Board Panel Announcement

The Medical Banking Project announced that it is collaborating with the Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center to organize a panel with top-level health care CEOs and policy experts to discuss the creation of a new “Federal Health Board” at its 2009 Medical Banking Institute on March 11-13, 2009 in Nashville, TN. More here http://tinyurl.com/medical-banking-fed

Identifying U.S-African Collaborations and Projects that Would Benefit from Expanded Bandwidth to Africa

The Internet Educational Equal Access
(IEEAF), along with several partners, has received
a planning
from the National Science
to propose very high speed Internet extensions, on
the order of 10 Gbps, to connect the academic, research, health and
non-governmental organization (NGO) communities in African countries
to the rest of the world. Such connections would provide African
universities and medical centers connectivity equivalent to the best
available to comparable institutions in the United States. To win
the large grant that would allow the network connection to be implemented,

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California Partners Release Open Source ELINCS Instructions Using Mirth to Transform HL7 v2.x into ELINCS (HL7-R1)

Contact — Tanya Laino 707.462.6369 HEALDSBURG, CALIF. — November 21, 2008 — Early this year Alliance Medical Center received a grant from California HealthCare Foundation to demonstrate a simple software tool to receive electronic laboratory results in the new ELINCS format. ELINCS (“EHR Laboratory Interoperability and Connectivity Specification”) is a messaging system intended to standardize the electronic reporting of test results from clinical laboratories into electronic health record (EHR) systems. A new “HL7-R1” format of ELINCS was adopted by HL7 this past Summer. Today Alliance Medical Center is joined by two partners in releasing a technical specification titled “Using Mirth to transform HL7 v2.x into ELINCS (HL7-R1).”

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PRISM, Public Health Entry Into Open Source

An application developed and deployed by the Florida Department of Health’s Bureau of STD is Public Health’s entry into the Open Source effort. Licensed under the GPL, the Patient Reporting, Investigation, Surveillance Manager or PRISM application an application designed for the management, surveillance, and reporting of infectious diseases aligned with the efforts of most public health programs. Its design to use automated work flows, business logic, external tools like Electronic Lab Reporting, are all part of the efficiencies and cost savings that are critical in a modern public health program.

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Shreeve’s Receive 2008 Linux Medical News Freedom Award

Steve and Scott Shreeve are the recipients of the 2008 Linux Medical News Freedom Award. The two brothers founded Medsphere Corporation and guided its early rise to prominence. They were likely forced to leave the company in 2007 after a $50 million dollar lawsuit was filed against them by the company and which was settled under confidential terms. They remain steadfast in their support of Free/Open Source software ideals in medicine. Congratulations to the Shreeve’s recipients of the 2008 Linux Medical News Freedom award.