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PR: FreeMED 0.8.3 released by FreeMED Software Foundation

FreeMED 0.8.3, an enterprise-grade opensource electronic medical record / practice management package, has been officially released by the FreeMED Software Foundation. FreeMED‘s website has also been updated to provide a more community oriented portal for information about the software.

Since 1999, we at the FreeMED Software Foundation have worked very hard to provide the open source community with a stable, efficient, and easy to use electronic medical record and practice management system. The past 7 years has seen FreeMED grow and evolve with more features, fewer bugs and improved functionality. FreeMED 0.8.2 saw over 7000 downloads, more than any other edition; FreeMED has continued to get better with each and every release. However the Foundation feels that FreeMED has reached its potential for improvement on the current platform. New advancements in the IT field as well as emerging healthcare standards have forced us to rethink our approach towards the development of new systems and the way they are used in the clinical setting. We at the FreeMED Software Foundation wish to continue to remain on the forefront of the medical informatics field, for this reason we are proud to announce a partnership with Unified Medical Informatics. This partnership has not only given us new insight into the future development of FreeMED, but a visually stunning, user intuitive EMR system that simply must be seen to be believed. Our new platform will continue to support the needs and values of the open source community as well as provide professional and enterprise level modules that can easily be scaled to the needs and size of any healthcare organization.

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