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PR: GOSCON 2008 Showcases Open Public Health IT

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Deborah Bryant

GOSCON Director 971-533-8050

GOSCON 2008 Showcases Open Public Health IT
Groundbreaking event highlights real-world business cases and applications
for open source in government

Portland, Ore. � September 18, 2008 � Deborah Bryant, GOSCON Director,
announced today that the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) 2008
conference will feature an Open Public Health IT track to explore both a
strategic direction for open source software in the public health sector as
well as real-world applications that are in use today by agencies around the

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Tehachapi Selects Mendocino Informatics for RHIE

UKIAH, CALIF. — January 31, 2007 — East Kern County Integrated Technology Association (EKCITA), a federally funded technology project in Tehachapi, California, has selected Mendocino Informatics to build a rural health information exchange. EKCITA ( is a public/private partnership formed by the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District, two Rural Health Clinics, and fourteen private medical practices. The goal of the EKCITA community-wide electronic medical records system is to improve quality of patient care and chronic disease management in the rural region of East Kern County.

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PR: CodeWeavers, WorldVistA Collaborate On Linux Edition Of Public Domain VistA Health Information Software

Open Source Version Will Greatly Increase Appeal for Non-Profits, Developing Nations

ST. PAUL, MN � (February 20, 2006) � CodeWeavers, Inc., the leading Windows-to-Linux software developer, and WorldVistA, a U.S. non-profit organization, today announced a strategic partnership aimed at making low-cost healthcare management software more freely available worldwide. As the centerpiece of that partnership, CodeWeavers is porting the CPRS (Computerized Patient Record System) component of VistA, a free electronic health records software application developed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, for use on Linux open source computers.

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Sales Force Automation Software for Pharmaceuticals Industry

e-Zest Solutions Pvt.Ltd. has launched PharmaForce, the first Open Source technology framework (Linux, PHP and PostGreSQL) based Sales Force Automation Software for the Pharamaceuticals Industry. With Linux / Open Source, this platform offers low cost of ownership and stable application experience. Read on for the full press release.

e-Zest Solutions Pvt.Ltd. has launched PharmaForce, the first Open Source technology framework (Linux, PHP and PostGreSQL) based Sales Force Automation Software for the Pharamaceuticals Industry. The Linux / Open Source Platform offers low cost of ownership and a stable application experience.

PharmaForce is an online Sales Force Automation System for Pharmaceutical Companies. It allows linking all sales field personnel across the country with the HO [home office]. Pharma Force Provides valuable information on Daily visits to Doctors, Chemists, Stockists, Primary and secondary sales, Productwise stocks with Depots and Stockists, Stocks of Samples/Gifts with Reps, Overdue invoices.

PharmaForce bridges the gap between corporate headquarters and representatives, mobile and in remote locations. Pharma Force acts as a tool to keep the MR and the managers informed about the latest in the market and the Company news.

PharmaForce aims at reducing the drudgery of filling up long messy forms repeatedly and mailing two or three copies to the corporate office,
re-entering the forms in another application package etc. This section
provides facilities for filling in the doctor visit details & also
samples & gifts distributed daily. Also provided are several facilities
for the Representatives viz. planning their daily activities, schedulers,
and auto-generation of repetitive information.

PharmaForce is a scalable, and configurable model with no additional
hardware that can be customized across any hierarchy or geographical
breakup. The representative can log in to the Pharma Force system with
his pre-designated user ID and password and can enter his daily call
reports. These will also include his sample/gifts disbursements, stockist/retailer order booking. The PSR / MR can also enter his expense statement, tour
plans, and other related information. The Pharma Force system also incorporates
a bulletin board and a feedback system that keeps him informed about
the latest related corporate and technical information.

All the information thus entered will reach the Corporate Office through
the Internet and this Information will be updated in the corporate databases
by the Pharma Force Client Server module. Built around this is an advanced
Data Mining, analysis and reporting tool that will help the company
analyze information related to market and product penetrations, cyclic trends and so on. Value – Adds are the online reports available of a months data for the Managers on the Move. Facilities like Alerts, reminders,
Schedulers, auto generation of repetitive information is also provided.

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