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Your Turn: LinuxMedNews Future

LinuxMedNews has now passed its first successful year. Fine. It is time to look at the formula and see if the race-car needs just a few changes or a major overhaul. Participate in an online business plan discussion that is important for the future of your favorite web site. The questions at hand along with the rationale are:

  1. Should LinuxMedNews become ‘more corporate’? Please vote on the front page poll. If so, why, if not, why not? This could mean removing the humorous ‘dept.’ field, and other ‘unusual’ things on the site, perhaps change the Slashdot theme colors and in general be more conservative in its approach. All this would be an effort to attract and keep the audience it hopes to attract: practitioners, health IT workers, managers and decision makers. Anyone else you think we should serve?
  2. Should LMN go for more original articles and fewer ‘link’ type articles to other sites? This would possibly slow down the pace of the site, but also might be more thoughtful.
  3. What do you think LMN does exceptionally well right now and should keep doing? What do you think really needs to go?
  4. What would you like to see in LMN’s business plan? What do you think would make LinuxMedNews more successful and hopefully generate revenue to keep the doors open?

The implications of these questions are important to the future of LMN if it hopes to expand and continue to be influential. Please post your thoughts and take our readers poll on the front page.