PatientOS v0.21 Scheduling II released

PatientOS version 0.21 adds major scheduling functionality. Appointment types can be defined in batches , double or any number of overbooking predefined on the schedule with all appointments defined with a custom color.
Appointments can be rescheduled. Multiple resources viewed by day or week. Custom work schedules, blocking out of schedules.

PatientOS is preparing to go live in December ’07 (scheduling and basic EMR functionality only). To connect to our online demo server in minutes consult this thread

For further information, links to downloads, source and more see

Testing and Interoperability (2 Questions)

Since 1998 the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) initiative is attempting to stimulate integration of healthcare information resources to improve clinical care. They have been developing frameworks and profiles for testing of interoperability and standards compliance.

The approach employed in the IHE ( initiative is not to define new integration standards, but rather to support
the use of existing standards�HL7, DICOM, IETF, and others; as appropriate in their respective domains in an integrated manner, defining configuration choices when necessary.

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PR Filling Up Fast: Introduction to WorldVistA EHR System Administration

Space is filling up fast for the not-for-profit Harris County Health Information Cooperative(HCHIC) sponsored, intensive, vendor-neutral Educational Conference: “Introduction to WorldVistA EHR System Administration”. December 7th-9th, 2007 in Houston, Texas. 10% of the proceeds benefit the not-for-profit WorldVistA organization with the rest of the proceeds benefiting the not-for-profit HCHIC. The hotel has guaranteed the room rate at $89/night until November
29th only. More information and enrollment information here.

Diabetic VistA — The First Amputation v. 2.0

Scott Shreeve has a in-depth history and analysis of the recent VA announcement of a proprietary lab system in a Free/Open Source stronghold: “…So what happened? How could the VA allow a critical, integral pat of VistA languish for more than a decade? What are the implications of the decision to wholesale components of VistA to proprietary software vendors like Cerner? What does this mean to the other aging parts of the system (Pharmacy, Radiology, etc) as well as some of the new, still functional innovations (BCMA, CPRS, etc)?…”

CCHIT begins next phase of EHR testing: LAIKA

Healthcare IT News, By Molly Merrill, Contributing Writer, 11/09/07

CHICAGO – The Certification Commission for Healthcare Information Technology has entered into the next phase of building software capable of testing the Interoperability capabilities of electronic health record systems, officials reported today.

CCHIT is collaborating with the MITRE Corp. on an open source, software-testing framework called, LAIKA, which will make it possible for vendors to test and verify whether their products meet CCHIT certification.

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Time: When the Patient is A Googler

Time Magazine has an amusing story from the doctor’s perspective of patients that Google for information about them: ‘…Susan had chosen me because she had researched my education, read a paper I had written, determined my university affiliation and knew where I lived. It was a little too much � as if she knew how stinky and snorey I was last Sunday morning. Yes, she was simply researching important aspects of her own health care. Yes, who your surgeon is certainly affects what your surgeon does. But I was unnerved by how she brandished her information, too personal and just too rude on our first meeting…’