How Verizon Is Eating My Lunch

..So I somehow ended up with Verizon as a downstream technology partner for authentication services for eRX.

They rammed the ‘new toolkit’ down our throats 2 weeks ago. The ‘new toolkit’ authentication process changed a about 3 step process into a 7 step process. That included re-entering your userid and password on EVERY eRX transaction. Yes, you have to re-login on EVERY patient EVERY time to authenticate. In 30 years of IT I have never had to do that.

Small problem: if you are supervising mid-levels like NP’s you might be doing that hundreds of times a week. That means that Verizon at minimum added 3 hours of work to my work week. Did I mention that after logging into the EHR system, then entering every time eRX 3 factors of authentication after multiple displays to check and re-check what you are doing it totally superfluously asks to the effect of do you really want to do this? Seriously? Uh yeah right after approximately 7-9 checks and re-checks I still am really not sure what I am doing. That adds up to hundreds of times a week that I have to answer do I really want to do this. They also actually hide the medication list on the authentication step. The old toolkit did not.

So let me get this straight: it adds many more steps to the process, hides the information you are approving then asks superfluously if I am sure what I am doing? The old toolkit did not hide what you are doing. The new toolkit adds a lot of work and is possibly hazardous. Yes Verizon, possibly dangerous to my care of patients.

And I told them so. Two months before it was rammed down our throats I told them in no uncertain terms that this is a disaster. That it would cost me 3 hours of time a week and that it is a user interface catastrophe.

Verizon did it any way.

Question for Verizon:

Do you really want to do this?
Do you really want to do this?
Do you really want to do this?
Do you really want to do this?

Astronaut Screenshots Advanced High Efficiency CPRS

Astronaut, LLC has circulated a screenshot of a “high throughput” Astronaut-CPRS screenshot. The screenshot exhibits:

. Two sessions open to allow for multi-chart multi-tasking (interruptions, un-scheduled patients, out of order patients, ‘pauses’ in network, etc.)
. Patient picture.
. Modeless eRX window allowing fast context switch between notes and eRX. Takes advantage of larger displays. Opens automatically on chart open to reduce keyboarding burden.
. Previous/Next chart controls for list iteration.
. Icon showing attachment present such as PDF, etc. Graphic embedding allowed.

“The VA CPRS platform has plenty of life left in it. We’ve pushed the technology further than it has ever been before. With it we’ve seen more patients more efficiently and more accurately than ever before.” says Astronaut, LLC CEO Ignacio Valdes, MD, MS