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Medical Billers Network Scam? Possible Money Back

Editor: Read On for a possible way of getting your money back. This is not an endorsement of any of this by Linux Medical News, further Linux Medical News does not have any other information, recommendations or opinions about any of this. A little background: we first published an article entitled: Medical Billers Network Scam? in response to un-solicited negative comments that users began posting to Linux Medical News about MedicalBillersNetwork. A large number of people posted similar experiences alleging fraud by MBN. This is all off the main topic of this news site which is Free and Open Source software in medicine but, oh well. I will be unlikely to post about this subject on the main page again. I “joined” (to the tune of $249.00) Medical Billers Network only last week. I was allowed access to the first five socalled lesson modules, but only briefly. Although they recommended you not print the material, I did. It is the only information I received to study. Shortly after I downloaded the lesson modules, they were no longer available to me. Numerous calls to both the support office and “James”, the guy who signed me up, resulted in absolutely no action taken to allow accessibility of those lessons that I paid for with money I did not really have. I sent them an email saying that if I cannot access the lesson information, I cannot study for the test. It has been several days and I still cannot access the early lessons (module 1 through 5 and “James” informed me that I am not ready to advance further in the lessons. My only consolation is the fact that although I did lose the money, at least I figured out that it was a scam before I went through hours and hours of study and fooling around trying to call nonexistent sources for a job in medical billing. It may not do any good, but I am calling an attorney to look into the feasibility of filing a class action lawsuit against these scam artists.
To all of those people out there, like myself, who were scammed by Medical Billers Network, there is a way you can get your money back IF you gave them your bank account number for an automatic, electronic withdrawal of funds from your bank. I spent more than two hours in my bank this morning, and when I left, it was a pretty good feeling to know the money will be redeposited in my checking account within the next ten days. I went to the bank thinking that my only recourse was to advise the bank that I had given my bank account number to criminals who most probably will use it to steal even more than they already have. I was shocked when the lady told me that the bank will recover the money from Cambridge Institute of Technology and redeposit it in my account. I hesitate to give out the name of the bank because they are still working on my case. The first step was to close my old account (one that I have had for more than twenty years) and reopen it with a new account number Both my car and life insurance are automatically withdrawn, so I had to call them and advise them of my new account number at the bank. There was no need for an attorney, and no fees of any kind. I spoke with the Assistant Vice President of one of the largest banks in Texas and she was extremely helpful and a decent caring person. So, if you paid for your “medical billing training” with your bank card, try going through your bank and just maybe they will be able to effect a refund. My bank did and I am so grateful to them. Like everyone else, I just did not have the money to lose to crooks, liars and cheaters. Give it a try, and good luck to you all.