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Tutorial: Kernel Compiling Under RedHat 7.0

Jim Intriglia has a tutorial article entitled Compiling a New Kernel Under Red Hat V7.0 This will be the first tutorial for the newly created ‘Tutorials’ subject category, hence the red Gnome teachers apple icon. On to the article: ‘…Assumptions: The user is using an Intel-based machine and is logged in as /root, working from the bash command line, unless otherwise noted. All commands are issued from the /usr/src/linux directory unless otherwise noted. After applying security update RHSA-2001:013-06 (Three Security Holes Fixed In New Kernel), the kernel version will be 2.2.17-14, from 2.2.16-22. Note the special procedure for applying this update (do not use the web-based Red Hat Up2date service or the standard RPM install/upgrade process!)…’