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Interactive Repository of Software Reviews

After exchanging many email with Ignacio Valdes (aka The Saint of LinuxMedNews) and tinkering with
the OIO Library software over the past few weeks, I am pleased to announce the
release of OIO Library v. 1.1 which now includes an interactive “Projects” repository.
The OIO Library makes use of the OIO server‘s “plug-and-play” web-forms technology and
runs on Zope and PostgreSQL.

As open source health systems rapidly progressed over the past year, it has become
apparent that a repository of up-to-date information about these promising efforts is
essential to the accelerating growth of our community. While proprietary systems may
thrive on secrecy and mis-information, timely and accurate information is the life
blood of open source projects.

Users can now submit descriptions of new projects/software and provide reviews that
document the strengths and weaknesses of these tools. In the future, reports from
more standarized testing originating from the likes of “Test Lab” at LinuxMedNews will
complement the reviews from users.

Since this repository will be constructed from the combined efforts of the community,
the repository will of course remain publicly available/downloadable without cost. As
soon as we integrate the OIO Library into the “look-and-feel” of LinuxMedNews, for
example, the content of the OIO Library will be available to the readers of LinuxMedNews. In the
future, hopefully more sites in addition to LinuxMedNews will be interested in using
data from the OIO Library.

Come see if you agree with the posted reviews of your favorite projects! FreePM, GEHR, and OIO are the three projects currently in the repository. Also, feel
free to add other projects (that have released reviewable code) and your insightful remarks to the repository.