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Minoru, SPIRIT to Host OSCAR

Minoru Development Corp. is announcing that the newly funded OSCAR (Open Source Computerized Ambulatory Records) development project will be hosted on its SPIRIT consortium project site. OSCAR is a primary care patient record system that has been available as open source since 1988. The OSCAR project just received $1M Canadian in funding from the Ontario Ministry of Health Primary Care Reform initiative to enhance and expand the system.

Originally written for MS-DOS, the system has evolved into a multi-faceted practice management system and is now available in a web based form.

Dave Scott of Minoru Development Corp. says: “Our firm worked with McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario (CA) to secure funding worth $1M Cdn to expand the deployment of OSCAR – an open
source computer practice management system. This is significant because of the dollar amount, but more importantly, it underscores the awareness of both the provincial government and the university of the up-and-coming open source technological wave. Open source technologies such as the Linux operating system are becoming more and more important in industry and public administration.”