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FreeMED Released

The FreeMED Software Foundation is proud to announce the release of version of FreeMED. This release is a bugfix and security release before the 0.8.2 release cycle. This release is available on the FreeMED Sourceforge Download Site at the FreeMED Sourceforge Download site.
Some of the improved features and bugfixes are:

  • Security: Added security RSS feed and reader for users registered at
  • Security: Fixed SecurityFocus #14088 (XML-RPC for PHP Remote Code Injection Vulnerability)
  • Messages: tagging keeps the user in the correct location
  • Quest HL7 Interface: handle extra screen that Quest sometimes uses
  • HL7: Fix R01 to handle labid appropriately
  • Sliding Fee Scale: fix working bugs
  • Modules: financial_demographics and patient_information display fixes
  • Labs: initial interface for viewing labs

There are a number of other changes that are in process for the 0.8.2 release cycle, but are not quite ready for consumption yet.