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Faxing and e-mail Modules Added to PhpMed

PhpMed is proud to announce the availability of both incoming and outgoing fax service capability as well as integrated inter-office communication via a built in webmail interface.

Incoming Fax Service works like this:

  All incoming faxes are converted to a pdf file.
You can then use the full version of Adobe Acrobat to edit the pdf file if necessary. The incoming faxes all get spooled to a network share, which allows you insant access to drag and drop the files to their correct destinations.

Outgoing Fax Service works like this:

  At the time of adding a refill to a medication, if you select “faxed” as the method, a window appears with all the refill infomation, patient information, etc. You choose a pharmacy from the drop down list and hit send. That’s it! A record of the fax, who it was to, date, patient name, med name, etc is automatically recorded to a fax log which is then viewable from the administration panel.

You can also set up a “fax” printer on your windows clients and submit jobs to it from any windows application like a normal printer. Upon doing so, you are presented with a window which asks you to select a recipient, which is pulled via ODBC from the fax server. So all your fax recipients are pulled from the same source, no need for duplicate phonebook programs. Once you select a fax recipient, hit okay and the file is sent to the fax server. You can them monitor the progress of the file being sent.

This is not a flashy thing, just a real world implentation that works.

Please see the screenshots on the website.