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Penguin Day

Saturday, March 25th, 9am to 5pm, in downtown Seattle. Organized by Aspiration and Picnet, local partners and YOU!

Penguin Day Seattle will bring together non-profit technology staff and open source software (OSS) developers for a day of learning and conversation. We’ll demystify open source for nonprofits, frankly address the challenges of developing open source tools for non profits, and celebrate strengths and successes of open source in the nonprofit sector. Leading open source innovators, including One Northwest (Seattle) and FreeGeek (Portland) will share their stories and knowledge. If you are curious about open source software for your nonprofit organization, Penguin Days are for you! Register at .*

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FOSS Oncology Information System?

Is there any activity looking specifically at the use of Open Source software in the management of disease related data in Oncology patients?

I am a radiation oncologist interested in pursuing some Open Source development in the area of managing data associated with the management of cancer patients, specifically with a view to permitting QA of practice and acquisition of data that can be aggregated and compared.

I feel alone in this desire and would like to find some colleagues in the Oncology realm or some IT-savvy dudes who re prepared to work with a doctor to achieve something useful.

Palm Med References on Linux device?!

HI, I have been fascinated with sharp SCL 860 PDA which is a linux based machine. The problem is that most popular references are created for Palm devices. Is any way to use available references for Palm on a sharp device? I know an emulator exists but it is too slow. So the options are either to run those programs on a website and then access the website wirelessly or to have a reader on the PDA that can read text designed for palm device. Any ideas or suggestions?! Thanks Al