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OpenEMR Success Stories

OpenEMR has several new adopters sharing their success stories in the OpenEMR User Forum. Several of the new OpenEMR users discuss using Tablet PCs with WiFi, reducing transcription costs by $40,000 annually, and quick adoption and acceptance by office staff.

Dr. Sam B. writes : “We have already let go 3 transciptionists ($40,000 on annual budget). Our paper and toner costs have dropped about 40%. Our filing is all caught up and “the chart hunt” has improved by about 95%. The staff were immediately impressed with the improved communication in the office. I have been printing office notes for our Urgent Care patients – letting them take a printed note to their primary care physician.”

Mike S. writes : “The physicians use Tablet PC’s with Wi-Fi to connect to the server which runs the 2.5.0 software.”

A 12 provider clinic in Santa Fe, New Mexico is running an OpenEMR pilot.

These are only a few of our success stories. We have many more success stories, plus exciting news for those concerned about open source adoption by the health industry.

OpenEMR has been working with a new Pennsylvania vendor that specializes in voice recognition services using the most prominent medical voice recognition software. That vendor is now able to assist you with integrating voice recognition services for use with OpenEMR.

If you have questions, you can send them to the OpenEMR mailing lists or post them in the OpenEMR User Forum.