7th National Medical Banking Institute National Call for White Papers

The editorial staff of the International Journal of Medical Banking is seeking white papers in the following areas: Open source healthcare programs linking banking and healthcare systems; Information privacy, confidentiality and security that focuses on cross-industry issues in banking and healthcare; Treasury and cash management programs targeting healthcare; Card-based platforms and technologies that link healthcare and banking platforms; Independent Health Record Banks; Consumer-driven healthcare technology tools that integrate with banking platforms; Point of service technologies that enable payment at the counter; Community coalition building.

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openEHR News

Thomas Beale has posted a letter from Prof David Ingram, CHIME department, University College London regarding the plans and activities of the openEHR Foundation expansion. Specifically in this announcement is the fact that Dr. Tony Shannon is to take over the chair of the Clinical Review Board.

Complete letter is below the fold.
from Prof David Ingram, CHIME department, University College London:

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Information Week: Open Source Copyrights Legally Enforceable

Information Week is reporting. “A federal appeals court has struck down a lower court ruling that found that open source copyrights may not be legally enforceable if they’re licensed under terms that are “intentionally broad.” Ruling on an appeal brought by software developer Robert Jacobsen, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit said Wednesday that open source users that do not comply with the software’s strict licensing terms can, in fact, be sued for copyright infringement — even if the software is free…” Thanks to Will Ross for this link.

North Carolina Mental Health Proposals: Open Source VistA Only

North Carolina Mental Health is asking for (large download of RFP pdf) Open Source only Veterans Affairs VistA proposals according to Modern Healthcare (registration required): “North Carolina‚Äôs Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services Division has issued a request for proposals to vendors to install a commercially supported, open-source version of the Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture, or VistA, clinical information system at its three hospitals and three clinics.

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Alesha Adamson Accepts Misys Director of Open Source Solutions – Healthcare

From Tim Elwell of Misys: “I just wanted to go ‘on the record’ and thank this Community (and Fred Trotter in particular) for the pointer to a great OS find. Her name is Alesha Adamson and her first day with Misys was Aug. 4. We are still looking for some open source developers (see my previous posts) so if you know of anyone, please pass a pointer along to me at tim.elwell@misys.com. Here’s a blurb on Alesha who has GREAT HIE and healthcare credentials along with real healthcare OS experience in implementation. Please welcome Alesha Adamson to my team as director of Open Source Solutions – Healthcare. Alesha will be assisting me on strategy and roadmap development, creating a network to promote the exchange of health information across various communities, and further developing an open source community to support our HIE initiatives. Continue reading

OpenHIE source donated to Open Health Tools (OHT)

Many readers wrote in and a ZDnet article was written on news that a major code base for health information exchange has been donated to the Open Health Tools group: OAKLAND, CA-August 11, 2008- Open Health
Tools (OHT) today announced it has accepted a donation from the
California HealthCare Foundation (CHCF) of key
software components from a $10 million health information data exchange
project. CHCF provided the open source-format software code to OHT, a
community of information technology and health care participants, to help
accelerate establishment of regional health information exchanges, a
critical but often missing piece of the health care delivery system.
Information about the Open Health Information Exchange project (openHIE) can
be found at https://openhie.projects.openhealthtools.org/.
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Operation Samahan using ClearHealth

Operation Samahan a long-time user of ClearHealth, has been written up at Linux.com. From the article:

“We were able to cope with all the standard changes in billing really easily,” Bringas recalls. “In the meantime, we had all these complaints from other clinics, who were saying, ‘Oh my gosh, we haven’t gotten paid in six months because our [software] vendors are very slow in keeping up with these changes.’ We were so glad that we got out of that system.”