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OpenVistA VivitA FOIA Gold 20050825 available

At 322MB, OpenVistA VivitA FOIA Gold (available at is the smallest, lightest, live CD ever made of VistA.

It a remastered version of Damn Small Linux (DSL – version 2.0RC1 upgraded to current versions of packages, Debian package management enabled, and wine ( – & Xdialog ( installed. DSL is the most compact Linux live CD, with with the VistA release dated August 25, 2005 as released by the US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA – ) under the Freedom of Information Act on GT.M (V5.0-000, as released under the terms of the GNU General Public License – – at Source Forge –

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New mailing list to discuss adoption of VistA in a clinical setting

At the request of several physicians involved in the adoption of VistA in their clinical settings, a mailing list to discuss topics pertaining to the discussion of VistA in a clinical setting has been created. Go to to join.