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Tri-Continental Foundation of Experts, Open Health Tools, Collaborate on Global Health IT Solutions

Open Health Tools (OHT) announced a collaborative effort between national health agencies, government-funded organizations and agencies, major healthcare providers, international standards organizations and companies from Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States to develop common healthcare IT products and services. OHT’s mission is to provide software tools and components that will accelerate the implementation of electronic health information interoperability platforms, which improve patient quality of care, safety and access to electronic health records (EHR).

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Open eHealth Foundation to Provide Solid Basis for Interoperability

Open eHealth Foundation announced that Agfa HealthCare, eHealth specialist InterComponentWare (ICW), and Sun Microsystems, Inc. have joined as foundation members of the new Open eHealth Foundation, an Open Source initiative that is unique in the healthcare IT arena. The Open eHealth Foundation will provide software components under an Open Source license that will boost the open standards-based exchange of medical information.

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Google Health Prototype Speculations

eHealthNews.EU Portal made an attempt to underline the current Google Health Prototype speculations. In the recently published article you will be able to access the related web links to some official and non-official blogs.

Google Health Product discussions have been again refreshed after several official and non-official Google Health Prototype related news articles.

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IBM contributes software that predicts spread of emerging infectious diseases

eHealth News Portal is presenting a news article related to the last IBM announce that it has made available an advanced software technology that can help predict the transmission of diseases across countries and around the globe to the open source community. The tool will aid scientists and public health officials in understanding and planning more efficient responses to health crises, ultimately providing new tools for protecting population health.

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Study finds open source key to European ICT competitiveness

eHealth News Portal is presenting a news article named Study finds open source key to European ICT competitiveness which underline the economic impact of Free/Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) on the European information and communication technologies (ICT).

The mentioned study report also says that increasing the use of FLOSS could provide a way for Europe to compensate for low ICT investment as a share of gross domestic product.

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