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1st WorldVistA Training Filling Up Fast

WorldVistA is offering some VistA Office EHR (VOE) training at the 1st WorldVistA Education Conference and Seminar.

The early bird registration rates will be expiring on Feb 17, as will the special hotel rates.

Further, the list of topics and presenters is now available. The presenters include some of the top Free and Open Source luminaries in the VistA community.

This is the only place to learn about the new Open Source Clinical EHR that has been featured in the New York Times

Introducing OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold live CD

VistA as traditionally released by the VA did not run on GT.M. OpenVistA as available to date has been FOIA VistA ported to GT.M, but it also had some enhancements not in the FOIA software. With the release of a recent patch, FOIA VistA now runs on GT.M, which makes possible an OpenVistA VivA live CD that is exactly the software available under FOIA, no more and no less. Since the FOIA software has been referred to as the “gold standard”, the name of this live CD is “OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold”.

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