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Review: Bluefish & CoffeeCup HTML Editors for Linux

Medical group practices are developing their own web sites using the popular Microsoft FrontPage web development tool. The FrontPage HTML editor is easy to use, time-saving, and allows direct HTML editing for those that prefer this approach to HTML creation and maintenance. Web developers considering a switch to Linux are interested in WYSIWYG HTML editor tools that will run native in Linux. Two Linux HTML editors fill that need, and they are available now.

For those that support open source software, check out the Bluefish HTML editor. I usually ignore alpha release software, but I received so many raves about BlueFish I decided to give it a whirl. It did crash several times when using certain options like Preferences, but is much more stable than the Amaya web editor. An RPM package is available for Bluefish, so installation is quick and easy – check it out!

On the commercial side, the CoffeeCup HTML editor for Linux from Coffeecup software is also an excellent WYSIWYG HTML editor that runs natively in Linux. I used the CoffeeCup editor for two weeks (distributed as Shareware) and was impressed with it’s stability and built-in features like canned JavaScript and CGI insertion. For a twenty dollar registration fee, how can you go wrong?