ClearHealth 2.2 PR1 Released

ClearHealth is happy to announce the release of ClearHealth 2.2-PR1 which is the first preview of the final 2.2 release. Download it here. The real highlight of this release is support for PDF templates. Easily create fully custom forms and reports in Office or even on paper and load them into Adobe LiveCycle Designer, upload to ClearHealth and you’re done (ClearHealth automatically creates the DB for forms with no programming necessary). We would love to have feedback on this feature, so be sure to join our forums. There are several other new features and fixes in this release as well with the full release notes here.

OpenMRS a participant in the 2008 Google Summer of Code

OpenMRS is excited to accept applications for the 2008 Google Summer of Code. It’s the community’s second year of participation in the project, which brought a dozen open source developers into the community to build facilities such as statistical patient matching algorithms, and quick installers into OpenMRS. If you’re an actively enrolled student, and would like to spend your summer learning how to participate in an open source community, come visit our project page, and apply. For more information, you can visit There’s also a fairly active irc channel (#openmrs on freenode), if you have questions.

WorldVistA Named Finalist in Stockholm Challenge 2008

WorldVistA has been named a finalist in the Health category of the prestigious Stockholm Challenge.
“The Stockholm Challenge Award categories cover the most significant areas of social and economic life. They are selected to match the UN Millennium Development Goals and cover a wide spectrum of services and activities for people, communities and their environments.”

More information can be found here here
and here with an About the Stockholm Challenge here.

The SourceForge OpenEMR group adds two new board members.

The SourceForge OpenEMR group would like to announce the recent addition of two board members, Dr. Michiel Bosman of the Netherlands and Dr. Mark Leeds of Florida.

The SourceForge OpenEMR group would like to announce the recent addition of two board members, Dr. Michiel Bosman of the Netherlands and Dr. Mark Leeds of Florida.

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CDATA Web Clinical Database Platform

CDATA is a web database development platform for collaborative projects in the health sector. Main features:

  • Web interface for data form templates creation and editing
  • Application modules: database, patient, form, project, folder, web page, file, todo, event, link
  • Flexible information architecture (tree-like hierarchy)
  • Developed for PHP/MySQL platform

This project is funded by Cure2Children Foundation.

Please, refer to CDATA Google Group for project pages and discussions.

Current version 0.1.1

Apply for a Google Summer of code with Debian-Med!

The Debian project has been accepted as a mentor organization for the Google Summer of Code 2008, and two of the proposed projects are relevant to the field of bioinformatics.

  • In the Biological databases manager project, it is proposed to students to build an application to automate the downloading, upgrading and indexing of databases such as GenBank, miRbase, Jaspar, REbase,… The database manager will take advantage of the bioinformatics programs packaged in Debian.
  • In the cran2deb project, it is proposed to students to generate Debian packages for GNU R from package sources. This project would allow the Bioconductor R packages to be distributed in the Debian format.

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OpenEMR HQ Announces OpenEMR for the iPhone

Oklahoma based OpenEMR HQ, Inc announced on Monday that it is working on porting the popular open source medical records software package to the iPhone and iPod Touch handheld devices. This marks the software vendors first major foray into the mobile device market and promises to help propel OpenEMR into entirely new markets by truly allowing healthcare professionals access and work with patient records from nearly anywhere on Earth.

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Enormous SoftOnline Corp. Announces GooVault

Enormous SoftOnline (ESO) Corp. announced its latest initiative in Health IT: GooVault. According to Trotter Valdes Vice Director of saying “Ha!” to Competitors, GooVault will initially do pathology sample tracking: “We think that in order to have comprehensive Health IT software, you have to start at where the patient is. That means patient parts. If patient parts are tracked by our software, then we will dominate! I mean, how much more basic can you get than actual tissue?” ESO announced a training video here.

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Midland Hospitals Achieve Stage 6 Recognition

Thanks to Scott Shreeve, MD for this news (see his posting just before this one): One of the largest private sector deployments of the Veterans Affairs VistA software is in a 7 hospital system in Midland, Texas. They are now part of a super-elite group of only 9 hospitals that have received HIMSS Stage 6 Recognition: ‘…Stage 6 hospitals have achieved a significant advancement in their IT capabilities that positions them to successfully address many of the upcoming industry transformations we will be experiencing in the near future (e.g., HIPAA Claims Attachment, pay for performance, and government quality reporting programs).