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OpenEMR Released

OpenEMR has been in development and beta testing for the past 2 years, and is finally released to the public for download. The system is cross platform, and operates on top of Apache or IIS, PHP and MySQL. OpenEMR is fully HIPAA compliant and includes advanced authorization and auditing functionality, HIPAA-mandated automatic timeouts, group-based user configuration, extensive logging, and supports patient-requested file changes. There is a growing developer base dedicated to making extensible and configurable encounter forms and patient/office statistical reports, and Synitech will soon release its template Notice of Information Practices intended for use with OpenEMR.

OpenEMR is a modular, HIPAA compliant, Open Source, cross-platform Electronic Medical Records system (EMRS) developed by Synitech Incorporated ( It facilitates efficient office management through automated patient record journaling, and has been successfully integrated with third-party technologies including speech recognition, secure wireless access, touch screen portables, and biometric authentication. Interface screens are themable and optimized for consistency, simplicity, speed of access to patient information, and minimum eye strain. OpenEMR is based upon widely-used public standards to achieve maximum compatibility with evolving technologies.