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Live from the AMIA Conference in Los Angeles

Update: 11/07/00 A full conference wrap-up post appears below: ‘…The most lasting impression I had of the conference was in the midst of papering a conference room with flyers. I stayed for the first 10 minutes of a panel discussion on the experience of implementing several electronic medical records systems. I was heartened and at the same time saddened to listen to virtually the same issues: physician resistance, inability to wean from paper, legacy record conversion that I had read in a journal article: 10 years ago…’ We are live from the American Medical Informatics Association conference in Los Angeles. I’m sitting at a pretty cool ‘cybercafe’ that the conference has set up with expensive flat-screens, the kind you’d like to have yourself. Plenty of suits in sight and some big players sponsoring the conference: 3M, Medicalogic and lots of others. How will fare against all this, armed with nothing but flyers and open source ideas? Stay tuned, the commando raid begins.