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Freemed-YiRC V1.00 Released

It’s been a long road, but Freemed-YiRC V1.00 has finally been released! Freemed-YiRC is an open source software project intended for use as a complete information system by child caring agencies. Freemed-YiRC originally started out as an intention to add child care functions into FreeMED, however it was quickly realized that the needs of child caring agencies were different and the project was forked. Hence, the Freemed-YiRC software project was born. YiRC = Youth in Residential Care. For many years this software was developed for use at one agency (where the author is employed). However, over the past two years word has spread, mostly throughout Ohio – thanks to the authors work on the OACCA Outcomes Data Project, and Freemed-YiRC has been installed at several other agencies, which provided a great deal of feedback.
For more information, please visit the Freemed-YiRC website.