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Dave Scott, Moderator, Director of Minoru Development Corp Dies

Dave Scott, long time moderator of the Openhealth(tm) list and a director of Minoru Development corporation has died from complications of diabetes. Scott’s diplomacy and wit were well known and appreciated by all. The text of the announcement by Minoru-Development Corp’s president Brian Bray is within.

It is with great sadness that I announce a change in the administration
of the openhealth list. Dave Scott, the list manager is no longer with us.

Dave passed away last Sunday in Paris from complications of diabetes. He
would have been 40 on July 29th.

Dave was one of the founders and a director of Minoru Development and
was a tireless crusader for open source health care. He will be missed
in other communities as well. He was a director of the Vancouver Fringe
Theatre Festival where he organised hundreds of volunteers. He was also
active politically campaigning for changes to Canada’s constitution to
promote greater unity between French and English speakers. He has been a
campaign manager for a Canadian minister of defense and was the editor
of an award winning newletter on technical writing. His career includes
management positions in government, information technology for an
international engineering firm, and technical writing for Reuters.

His funeral service will be held in the Toronto area in early September.
An open reception will also be held at the Pere Lachaise crematorium
(salle Landowski) in Paris at 9:20AM this Thursday, July 24th, for those
in France wishing to celebrate his life and to say goodbye.

Dave is survived by his parents Mae and Gunther (
and his sisters Mary ( and Heather.

I thank the staff at the hospital of Versailles and the Cochin hospital
in Paris for their care.

For issues related to the openhealth list and the OSHCA website, the
contact is now Sylvain Hellegouarch ( and/or
myself (