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HL7 Adopts XML Standard

Health Level 7 is an organization that writes standards and specifications for healthcare computing. HL7 has announced an XML standard for its Clinical Document Architecture (CDA). ‘…”We want to dispel the notion that XML alone offers an alternative to HL7,” said Stan Huff, chair of the HL7 board of directors. “XML is an encoding
that complements the semantic content provided by the HL7 RIM, allowing users to exploit all the possibilities of the Internet.”‘

1st HL7 International Affiliates Meeting

Klaus Veil Writes: “The 1st HL7 International Affiliates Meeting, August 24-25 in Dresden,
Germany, is shaping up quite well – heading towards 100 registrations with 2
1/2 weeks to go. This is the first meeting of the non-US Affiliates
(Australia, Canada, China, Germany, Finland, England, Holland, India, Japan,
Korea, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Switzerland and Taiwan) of the HL7
organisation. However, strong US participation at HL7 Board level has been
Details can be found here.

“The content is very comprehensive with many HL7 Board members giving
presentations and tutorials on all aspects of HL7. It would be an excellent
opportunity for anyone wanting a fast-track training in all core HL7 topics
(incl. V3, RIM, XML, CCOW, etc.) with a decidedly European flavour a well as
a good overview over current European healthcare standards.”