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Federal Agents Go After Medical Manager

As reported on Charleston.Net: Medical Manager, a practice management software, owned by WebMD, is being investigated by federal regulators relating to kickbacks. ‘…WebMD said it believes the federal probe was initiated by “misleading information” from two former employees at its Medical Manager subsidiary who were terminated for taking “improper kickbacks.” Medical Manager provides software that helps physicians manage their practices…’

CNET: Microsoft Executive Says Linux Threatens Innovation

Thanks to Mary Kratz for this link: is reporting on Microsoft Executive Jim Allchin remarks that: ‘…Windows operating-system chief, Jim Allchin, says that freely distributed software code such as rival Linux could stifle innovation and that legislators need to understand the threat. The result will be the demise of both intellectual property rights and the incentive to spend on research and development…Microsoft has told U.S. lawmakers of its concern while discussing protection of intellectual property rights…Brian Behlendorf, founder of open-source company CollabNet Inc., said most companies that use the open-source development model do retain the rights to some of their intellectual property. ”I think Microsoft is trying to paint the open-source community as being fascist; that all software have has to be free, or none of it can be,” said Behlendorf, whose company helps businesses run their own open-source projects…’