Shopping for Health Software, Some Doctors Get Buyer’s Remorse

Huffington Post has this article about: “…Hundreds of companies–big and small, new and old–sell health information technology but industry analysts expect a wave of consolidation in the market, creating uncertainty that certain products will stay in the marketplace or even if some vendors will survive. Amatayakul said she found that up to 70 percent of vendors moved in and out of the market in some years, through mergers, acquisitions or on occasion, bankruptcy.

Congress did not address the possibility that federal incentives could be spent on products from companies with shaky finances when it wrote the stimulus law setting aside billions of dollars for electronic health records…”

Editor’s note to government: Thus the need for tax dollars only being spent on Free/Open Source licensed HIT software.

GT.M Comes of Age While VistA Rumbles

Fidelity Information Services Free/Open Source GT.M Mumps database is gaining traction outside of private-sector Veterans Affairs VistA Electronic Health Record. Veterans Affairs VistA development in the private sector is proceeding at a furious rate. Companies such as M/Gateway, Astronaut (owned by the same conspiracy that owns Linux Medical News) Medsphere, DSS and others are making announcement after announcement of new development in the Veterans Affairs VistA Electronic Health Record or closely related space.

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OpenClinica Global Conference to Bring Together Global Community for Open Source Clinical Trials Software

The event marks the increasing popularity of open source software (OSS) in clinical trial electronic data capture and clinical data management.
The worldwide community around OpenClinica, the rapidly growing open source clinical trial software, will gather on March 22nd, 2010 in Bethesda, Maryland (USA) for the first ever OpenClinica Global Conference. The event will bring together users and developers from diverse backgrounds to share experiences and expertise in using the increasingly popular open source software for clinical trial electronic data capture and clinical data management. With thousands of users worldwide, OpenClinica is leading the charge on bringing professional quality open source software to the world of clinical trials.

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