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FreePM Apparently Dead, TORCH Lives

The FreePM website now points to casino’s and other websites. The registration has apparently expired which leads to the conclusion that the project is no longer going forward. However, former president and lead developer of FreePM Tim Cook forked the project recently so that it continues as the TORCH project with Open Paradigms, the company he formed. This actually demonstrates how robust free and open source software is, in that the software survives the fall of the sponsoring company.

FreePM 1.0 Beta 6 Released

Updated: 1/12/2003 FreePM is now TORCH. Tim Cook has announced on the FreePM Discuss list the availability of FreePM 1.0 beta 6: ‘…FreePM-1.0b6-FULL-linux2-x86.tar.gz is a complete Zope 2.5.0 binary installation with all FreePM files and dependencies included. The file FreePM_install_Linux.txt contains installation instructions for Linux on x86…’ This release features bug fixes and most notably, the ability to work with Zope 2.5 which has important features like improved internationalization. Download of FreePM is available here.