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Medaid Wants You

IT systems for use in healthcare settings should do one thing – make it easier, quicker and more accurate to record and retrieve medical data during a consultation. Unfortunately this is not the only demand on a system. It has encounters with underfunded hospital IT departments, computer illiterate doctors (MDs) and vague political situations.
To create the definitive healthcare IT system you have to really understand how medical notes work, how they are used and what processes models should be used in the brain of a doctor (artificial intelligence!). Until this is done no system will truly be deemed succesful.

Having programmed access databases that were truly bad, I realised that I was on to something when I found they increased accuracy of recording data and saved as much as 60% of clinic and operating theatre time.

The system I have dedicated 18 months of my life to designing will collect data to the highest standard for research yet be deployable in intensive care, general practise and any hospital department.The access to the record will be controlled by the patient.

I have the data models of a system and the interface designs of the definitive medical data aid – meddaid. Medical data aid – a unique concept in the field of medical computing that means that it is easier for any healthcare professional to use during a consultation. The key is the way data is presented and captured. This key to success of the design can be summed up in one word and it explains how we use and retrieve data in written medical notes. The word is…..

I am looking for like minded people for help and am presently raising funding for core code. I would also like advice as to how to take this open source.