How Verizon Is Eating My Lunch

..So I somehow ended up with Verizon as a downstream technology partner for authentication services for eRX.

They rammed the ‘new toolkit’ down our throats 2 weeks ago. The ‘new toolkit’ authentication process changed a about 3 step process into a 7 step process. That included re-entering your userid and password on EVERY eRX transaction. Yes, you have to re-login on EVERY patient EVERY time to authenticate. In 30 years of IT I have never had to do that.

Small problem: if you are supervising mid-levels like NP’s you might be doing that hundreds of times a week. That means that Verizon at minimum added 3 hours of work to my work week. Did I mention that after logging into the EHR system, then entering every time eRX 3 factors of authentication after multiple displays to check and re-check what you are doing it totally superfluously asks to the effect of do you really want to do this? Seriously? Uh yeah right after approximately 7-9 checks and re-checks I still am really not sure what I am doing. That adds up to hundreds of times a week that I have to answer do I really want to do this. They also actually hide the medication list on the authentication step. The old toolkit did not.

So let me get this straight: it adds many more steps to the process, hides the information you are approving then asks superfluously if I am sure what I am doing? The old toolkit did not hide what you are doing. The new toolkit adds a lot of work and is possibly hazardous. Yes Verizon, possibly dangerous to my care of patients.

And I told them so. Two months before it was rammed down our throats I told them in no uncertain terms that this is a disaster. That it would cost me 3 hours of time a week and that it is a user interface catastrophe.

Verizon did it any way.

Question for Verizon:

Do you really want to do this?
Do you really want to do this?
Do you really want to do this?
Do you really want to do this?

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