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Caldwell: Tk Family Practice Version 50 Released

Alex Caldwell is announcing the availability of the latest Tk_familypractice EMR on Sourceforge. Highlights are an improved installation script and browser interface. The full text of the announcement is within.

I posted a new version – version 50 – of the Tkfp program for Linux on the Sourceforge site at


  • The install script works better. Gives you choice of installing postgres copy (it isn’t needed to run Tkfp) I’ve tried it on 3 different machines and it seems pretty reliable so far.
  • Two new objects for the progress note templates – one is a pop up menu for choosing the day of the week. The other is a menu for choosing various common time intervals.
  • There is a menu in the admin tab for running a set of scripts that back up the data and/or the program.
  • A file chooser dialog added to admin for selecting a scanned signature file for providers. The file is then linked to all the necessary places where the scanned signature appears. Before you had to put this in the right places by hand.
  • There is a button for viewing the fax spool directory. If you click on a file, it will be loaded into an
    editor so you can change the fax message quickly.

  • The demographic form can now be toggled between English, Spanish, French and Portuguese. This is pretty easy to program. If anybody would like to work on other languages, I can send you a file with the lines that need to be translated. You can use any language for which there are Unicode values for the characters. It would be interesting to do Japanese or some other non-latin based languages.

    Stuff I’m working on for next version:

  • Improved Web Browser interface. Using tclhttpd, a powerful web server that is already in Tkfp, I’ve been working on a better Web Browser based interface. It uses frames and has a layout
    somewhat similar to the desktop GUI with a list of names and drugs on the left and a set of menus roughly corresponding to the notebook tabs and data frames on the right. With tclhttpd, you can extend the web server to do all kinds of things by writing code in Tcl. It’s similar to the idea of ZOPE. Using HTML forms you can define URL’s that process the data and output HTML. So most everything you can do in the GUI can be done inside a web browser. HTML forms are more limited than Tk widgets so you can’t have fancy stuff like
    sliders, spinners, tabbed notebooks etc. But the Web Browser interface can be very useful for using the EMR from remote locations.

    Chris Deam is working on a Tk interface for scanning images.

    Alex Caldwell