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eHealth Directory EU

eHealth News Portal is presenting a new Project named eHealth Directory EU. The goal of the eHealth Directory EU is to be most comprehensive directory of the eHealth (in special European) quality web sites.

For more information and in special for submitting your eHealth related web links please visit

Please note that eHealth Directory EU has a top level Category dedicated to the Free Open Source Software!

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Google Trends and eHealth

eHealth News Portal has a news article named “Google Trends and eHealth” presenting the new Google service named Google Trends. As an example of the new service, we have entered four topics: eHealth, telemedicine, medical informatics and health informatics in order to identify how often they’ve been searched for on Google over time.

The obtained results will not be discussed or analysed, please just pay attention that eHealth term become more and more popular during the last months.

You can compare up to five terms by separating each term with a comma. To compare trend info for “ehealth” and “telemedicine” for example, you’d simply enter “ehealth, telemedicine” and click on “Search Trends”.

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New Google initiative

eHealth News Portal has a news article discussing the new Google initiative named Google Co-op beta. For several months there has been speculation about a new Google project for health, and it seems that those discussions were correct.

Google Co-op beta is a community where users can contribute their knowledge and expertise to improve Google search for everyone. Organizations, businesses, or individuals can label web pages relevant to their areas of expertise or create specialized links to which users can subscribe.

Once a user has subscribed to a provider’s content, all of that provider’s labels and subscribed links are added to the user’s search results for relevant queries. These contributions serve as meta information that helps Google’s search algorithms connect users to the most relevant information for their specific query. Users interested in contributing can get started at

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New EC Health Portal

eHealth News EU has announcing that European Commission launches new Health Portal. The launch event took place in Malaga, Spain, within the Commission-sponsored “eHealth” conference. The Health-EU Portal is a gateway to simple and sound information on 47 topics that range from babies’ health to bio-terrorism, and from infectious diseases to health insurance.

One of the main goals of the Portal is to help people take responsibility for and improve their own health. It provides information on a wide range of health concerns. Forty-seven topics are divided into six thematic areas:

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European eHealth News Portal

eHealth News is announcing: ‘Welcome on the First European eHealth News Portal designed and developed for reflecting and promoting European eHealth solutions and initiatives! Our main goal is delivering online eHealth news and information services for interested in collaboration European eHealth Research and Industry Healthcare IT communities.’

If you are interested in collaboration in the frames of supporting or joining our initiative please don’t hesitate to contact us (, your support and contribution are welcome!