New Open Source Development Tool Avilable

ITTIA is launching db.*, an open source, powerful, small footprint embedded database for open-source platforms, and making it available on the ITTIA web site.
db.* is the open source version of a database engine that has been developed and tested for more than 20 years, and been used successfully in tens of thousands of applications, including real-time and medical applications. ITTIA is making it available to the public in order to promote its tech support and consulting business, and to promote Club ITTIA, its embedded database community.
The license agreement allows unrestricted use and distribution on open-source operating systems.

Open source HIS for man’s best friends

They bark and say “meow” for open source. Clinique V�t�rinaire Des Aliz�s, a veterinary clinic in France is using Care2x, an open source hospital information system, to manage the data of its “patients”. These patients do not say “hello” but bark, say “meow”, or otherwise emit animal sounds. Yes, open source software is also being used for animal patients.

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Introducing OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold live CD

VistA as traditionally released by the VA did not run on GT.M. OpenVistA as available to date has been FOIA VistA ported to GT.M, but it also had some enhancements not in the FOIA software. With the release of a recent patch, FOIA VistA now runs on GT.M, which makes possible an OpenVistA VivA live CD that is exactly the software available under FOIA, no more and no less. Since the FOIA software has been referred to as the “gold standard”, the name of this live CD is “OpenVistA VivA FOIA Gold”.

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National Digital Mammography Archive uses Linux

The University of Pennsylvania, in partnership with IBM has created a very large scale, distributed, data storage and transfer system. The details can be found here.
This system is not, in itself, open source or free, it is built on open source components and provides some interesting ideas for the directions that health care IT might be going in:

VPN’s and Grids.

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OpenEMR Registers Over 6,000 Patients in 2.5 days

Rural Area Medical Volunteer Corp (RAM) uses OpenEMR and registers over 6,000 patients in 2.5 days using a single 1.7 Ghz server accessed by 25 workstations. “At several points during the clniic we were registering a new patient every 15 seconds.” The quotes below were provided to Pennington Firm by volunteers at RAM.
“We used OpenEMR for registration at RAM Expedition #400, held at the Wise County Fairgrounds on July 23-25 and it worked flawlessly. Paper based registration and encounters were used this year, as backup, in case of equipment failure (which didn’t happen).”

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Fred Trotter Receives 2004 Linux Medical News Achievement Award

Fred Trotter is the recipient of the 2004 Linux Medical News Achievement Award. The award was given at MedInfo 2004 in San Francisco with Will Ross accepting the award for Trotter. Trotter is the founder of the Free Medical Billing (FreeB) project as well as working on theFreeMed poject. Read on for the complete text of the acceptance letter: ‘…There are two reasons that receiving the award is so humbling. The first is the list of past award winners, and the second is the list of nominees for this years award. Both lists contain some of the most accomplished technologists in our field. I have always felt that a great part of success is being respected by those whom you respect. This award, more than anything represents that kind of success to me…’ This seems like a good opportunity to announce changes to the LMNA award. Beginning in 2005, the award will consist of two categories: individuals and projects. The possibility of a third, separate, category for the VistA project is a possibility.

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Open source at medinfo2004

The joint meeting of the IMIA, IMIA-NI and AMIA Open Source Working Groups was held yesterday, 8 September, at medinfo2004. We had a good attendance (40-50 people), with presentations on the 3 groups and then a discussion and session of interactive digital voting.

Tim Cook, myself, Graham Wright, Karl Oyri, Pat Evans were joined by Larry Ozeran, Will Ross, and many others for a lively discussion of open source issues and how things might be taken forward by the Working Groups.

A flavour of the event is at:

Peter Murray, Chair, IMIA OSWG

Dr Molly Cheah wins ICT Excellence Awards for Open Source for PRIMACARE

Dr Molly Cheah wins ICT Excellence Awards for Open Source

Dr Molly Cheah, president of Primary Care Doctors� Organisation Malaysia or PCDOM (, a non-governmental organisation of general practitioners, won the Open Source Software Award for PCDOM Primacare, which she and her organisation were now planning to distribute nationwide.

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