MEDILIG – Medical Life Guard

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Fully tested, fully operational open-platform EHR/EMR software for health professionals and IT developers. The main feature of the project is the extensive continuous health care record schema of the database built into popular and robust relational database management systems, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL server, with multilingual, international health coding standards. Create entry forms, catalogues, and reports with a minimal effort from rapid application development environments such as Microsoft Office – Access and OpenOffice – Base. Connect to web hosting services and/or use email to exchange and share medical information with others.

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Free pharmaceutical drugs prescription: FreeDiams reaches 0.6.0

The FreeMedForms team is glad to announce the release of a new stable version of the pharmaceutical drug prescriber FreeDiams.

This version comes with multiple update: drugs database updated, interaction engines and data updated. Experimental potentially inappropriate medication in the elderly drug engine based on the Beers criteria (without diagnosis or conditions).

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