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GEHR Project Status

Thomas Beale of the Good Electronic Health Record (GEHR) project writes: ‘The recent silence…does not mean work has stopped
on GEHR! On the contrary, we are hard at it, and are at the stage of
integrating the XML archetype processor (Java; written at the DSTC), the
kernel, the database and the COM interface (developed by ISE in Santa
Barbara). As you can imagine, this represents quite a lot of work…’
Read on for more project status details.

The latest milestone has been to develop object database schemas for the
EHR and ARCHETYPE databases, and successfully store about 15 archetypes,
and a health record (EHR). The EHR contains 3 VERSIONED_TRANSACTIONs, 1
for the patient, 1 for the authorising HCP and one contact transaction.
With a more powerful testing front-end, we can of course make this any
number of patients, transactions etc.

The database being used is the Matisse ODB. We may post some screen
shots of the stored information (it’s always an eye opener to those used
only to relational databases) but the main audience for this would be
developers; the rest of you will want to see sensible output in a
browser. We are accordingly working on XML instance output with an XSLT
translator to HTML and thence to IE or Netscape. Note that this test
browser is separate from the GUIs provided by the participating vendor
companies – they will be using their own GUIs, and communicating to the
kernel via the COM interface.

Probably a lot of you would like to be able to see something more of
what we have done… it’s coming soon! As you can appreciate, with a
back-end development such as this, the last thing that gets done is GUI.

Expect a source update in the next week containing:

– COM interface (alpha release;-)

– Matisse ODB functionality

– the Java archetype initialiser

Please post questions/discussion to or one of
the more specific GEHR egroups as appropriate.

– thomas beale
(for the GEHR team)