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Wired: Microsoft Exec Slams Linux

Wired has an article quoting Microsoft group software manager Doug Miller as saying: ‘…that Microsoft believes that “in the rush to get on the enterprise bandwagon,” the new Linux kernel lacks some of the key elements required for enterprise use.”Based on the warnings from the developers and confusing messages from the distributors, it is clear the long-heralded 2.4 Linux kernel is a long way from being ready for business use,” said Miller. “The kernel is just the beginning, still raw technology.”…’ The article has a number of rebuttals to Miller’s statements. has a piece that ‘quotes’ Larry Augustin, CEO of VA Linux: ‘…Augustin denounced as “absurd” allegations that Microsoft might be utilizing its infamous FUD tactics to spread Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt about an opponent in an effort to steal market share. “That would be deceitful,” he replied, “and Microsoft has stated repeatedly that it does not lie or cheat or mislead.”