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TORCH 1.2.2 Update Announced

Open Paradigms,LLC has announced a new update for TORCH. Free registration is required to download from the downloads section of Read TORCHUPDATE_20030524.txt for complete upgrade instructions. Highlights include templates created from the Medical Algorithms Project. Full release notes are within.

There are a few bug fixes in this update.
There was a bug in the edit_emrProcessor method that prevented saving updated
basic EHR information.

There were several page redirects that did not always reference the correct frame name
depending on the number of EHR’s open at one time.

I have created some new templates that demonstrate the flexibility of the TORCH
template system. I hope this encourages others to create templates or contracts Open Paradigms,LLC to do so for them.

The first one goes in the Routine Exam folder. This template will take the values of Height and Weight from the Basic Information section of the EHR then calculate the BMI. The Height & Weight will be filled in on the Encounter form and text will be written into the Physical Exam portion of the Encounter.

This template uses the existing BMI scripts in TORCH and is sensitive to the setting for Metric vs. English ht & wt.

The next is the Mini Mental State Examination.

The new pediatric folder contains one template that calculates the Yale Observation Scales.

The new Occupational Health folder contains one template that calculates the California Disability Rating System percentage of loss.

** Some of these templates were created based on information from the Medical Algorithms Project **

We wish to sincerely thank them for making this information freely available. Please see the terms of use on their website a